The Street Brands

Indelible partnership.

Retailers. Brands. Sales Consultants.

Thirty-Three years.

Our goal for the future is to be nimble, continue to be innovative and remain a product sales leader in the wholesale gift and fashion Industry.

In 1990, with just a few customers and pursuit of the American dream, Joe Hertig founded his wholesale company, “Gift Street”. A road team formed. A Minneapolis showroom constructed. A foundation of impeccable customer service and cornerstone relationships with their retailers, vendors and sales consultants. The company expanded and evolved to what we know today as “The Street Brands”.

Three decades later Joe, Janet and their team of professional sales consultants still travel to main street retail stores and are partnered with leading industry brands. Hosting the largest footprint in the Minneapolis Mart, The Street Brands has stellar displays and product offerings with state of the art technology for an easy and enjoyable buying experience. With our Hospitality, we may have been the inspiration behind “Minnesota Nice”.

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Gifts, Garden, Home, Sweet Treats and Gorgeous Fashion Style… you are headed in the right direction with The Street Brands.

Meet Our Team

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Janet Atkinson

“Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride.”

Patient. Reliable. Tenured.

Janet, the creator of the “Fashion” side of the business, which is known as Street Brands Luxe. Janet has worked with companies such as Swarovski and Brighton. Along with her extensive background in trends, she often can be found combing Tradeshows looking for the next Glam and Bling coming into the industry.

Territory: Key Accounts

Ph: 612-702-6702

Fax: 952-945-9707

Kim Banyard

“What if I fall? Oh my darling but what if you Fly?”

Experienced. Trust. Capable.

Kim arrived at The Street Brands having worked with singular brands developing their large account business, simultaneously she also was a brick + click boutique owner. With children out of the home, she found her wings, decided that Minnesota boutiques were her passion and she joined the team.

Territory: E MN & NW WI

Ph: 612-669-3310

Fax: 952-945-9707


Sara Berge

“Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.”

Positive. Servant. Accomplished.

Sara joined The Street Brands to be a servant partner to independent retailers across IA and NE. Her passion for helping customers and creating memorable experiences is bar none. Combine that with her years of boutique ownership and her keen ability to help curate right fit product collections means only one thing for you and your store. SUCCESS! 

Territory: Iowa & Nebraska

Ph: 712-326-7609

Fax: 952-945-9707

Troy Berge

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

Driven. Logical. Committed.

With Troy’s 17 years of Sales and Operations experience. His goal is to build trust, deliver world class service and provide quality products to help retailers succeed. In his free time he enjoys spending quality time with family, landscaping and traveling to new places.

Territory: Iowa & Nebraska

Ph: 402-312-4543

Fax: 952-945-9707

Dan DeVel

“Only dead fish swim with the stream.”

Enduring. Steady. Sharp.

The historic first sales consultant on Joe’s team, Dan has entrenched himself with his Wisconsin’s stores. He prides himself on bringing quality products and consistent partnership. When not wearing his signature tie Dan can be found with a fishing rod in his hand.

Territory: Eastern Wisconsin

Ph: 920-948-9029

Fax: 952-945-9707

Jackie Kaldenberg

“If everyone is moving forward together, the success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford

Clever. Genuine. Skillful.

Jackie has a solid ability to pair and partner brands and key accounts. Two decades of logistics in getting product from manufacturing to the shelves of stores Jackie has the know-how to create retail success. Jackie is a huge hockey fan and in the midwest we stand back and let that hockey endurance shine.

Territory: Account Specialist

Ph: 612-719-9322

Fax: 763-445-2160

Tim Kent

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” –Babe Ruth

Producer. Enthusiast. Tenacious.

Tim brings a level of encouragement about his brands to his retailers that can only be described as energetic…and profitable. Metro retailers receive a level of service and commitment. Brands receive a savvy consultant that leverages marketplace knowledge to precisely place products.

Territory: Account Specialist

Ph: 612-799-4627

Fax: 952-512-1860

Amy Larson

“The only way you can learn to hustle and work this hard is by actually loving it.”

Keen. Ardent. Responsive.

Amy has the unique opportunity to cover all of the Dakotas for ALL of The Street Brands. Her attention to detail, desire to conjoin the right brands in the right stores means you will have a superb product mix.

Territory: South & North Dakota

Ph: 605-868-2622

Fax: 605-370-5078

Marlys Olson

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” -Max Depreet.”

Delighted. Discerning. Wise.

One of Minnesota’s own, Marlys understands the needs of local consumers. Guiding the retailers through her brand offerings and pairing them with each store and community is the kind of service Marlys brings to her customers.

Territory: Central & Northern MN

Ph: 612-865-6210

Fax: 952-681-7901

PJ Schroeder

“Take care of others and they will take care of you.”

Conscientious. Caring. Resourceful.

PJ has over 20 years in the gift and fashion industry as a sales consultant and another 30 years working in retail store management with specialty and dept. stores. This extensive background helps her relate to the independent retailer, providing product knowledge, merchandising ideas and overall business strategies. Her main goal is finding brands that are a “profitable fit” for every account. She takes pride in building a lasting relationship with each buyer.

Territory: S WI & Key Accounts

Ph: 414-520-6465

Fax: 262-922-4257

Wendy Shapiro

“Work hard in silence; let success make the noise.”

Clever. Gracious. Vitality.

Wendy’s joyful, yet steadfast work with retailers and brands alike are the keys to her long retailer relationships. Experience derived from working with industry leading brands as both a buyer and a seller, Wendy has invaluable knowledge to share. She can be found in stores and at the shows with a full schedule and a contagious positive attitude and giggle.

Territory: S MN & W WI

Ph: 763-843-5541

Fax: 952-945-9707

Carolyn Heitkamp

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” -Mary Poppins

Esteemed. Consistent. Dependable.

Behind the magic curtain of every business is that detailed individual who has the experience and foresight to keep all wheels in motion. For the The Street Brands, Carolyn is that person. Carolyn’s understanding of business relationships and requirements of representatives, retailers & manufacturers alike allows her to work successfully with each group.

Territory: Sales/Office

Ph: 952-945-0705 x105

Fax: 952-945-9707

Tracie LaBerge

“Storms make trees take deeper roots” -Dolly Parton

Prepared. Ardent. Rigorous.

Showroom coordination, presentation and unwavering style are the benchmarks of a Street Brands showroom. Quietly and seamlessly behind the scenes Tracie makes an impact on our business and our team. You can be confident that your products will be merchandised professionally with your sales materials up to date and well organized at all times. What can we say…we love her.

Territory: Showroom/Office

Ph: 952-945-0705 x125

Fax: 952-945-9707


Laura Brady

“Thoughts have energy…Make sure yours are Positive.”

Organized. Meticulous. Essential.

Spearheading the digital platforms and back office logistics, Laura completes the team. Managing with an attention to detail and creative concepts, she brings the brands to life on our website, in our showroom and on your orders. Laura is always ready to lend a hand, take on new projects and support the company missions with plenty of energy & a positive attitude.

Territory: Showroom/Office

Ph: 952-945-0705 x216

Text: 612-619-7217

Joe Hertig – Principal/Partner

“If you’re not a Skipper, you’re not Sailing.”

Leadership. Integrity. Innovation.

Joe has been in the Gift, Home & Fashion Industry for past 30+ years. He is the founder, principal and owner of The Street Brands. Joe is well respected among his peers and has been an innovative leader in the industry his entire career. He is the founding president of the Gift & Home Trade Association (GHTA) and current member of The Source Network. In addition, Joe has been president of WLS Representative Network Club (2000-2001) and the Minneapolis Mart (2003-2004).

Ph: 952-945-0705 x113

Fax: 952-945-9707


Dennis Schrupp – Principal/Partner

“Take risks, if you succeed you will be happy. If you fail you will be wiser.”

Stable. Earnest. Informed.

Dennis has been in the Gift, Home & Toy industry for over 25+ years. He is true professional with a proven history of working at the wholesale level. Dennis has excelled in all phases of the business including as partner of the Street Brands.  Dennis’ leadership and experience as Vice President of Key Accounts for The Street Brands speaks for itself as it is the fastest growing segment of the company.  Skilled in Negotiation, Market Planning, Sales, Retail, E-commerce and Sales Management.

Ph: 612-802-9892

Fax: 952-843-5669

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