Save the Girls


Save the Girls Touchscreen Purses allow you to conveniently call, text, search and perform other smartphone functions from the security of your purse. 10% of all profits are donated to Breast Cancer research.

Twelve styles of touch screen bags. Gorgeous colors and functional style. Clutch. Crossbody … even kitty cat design. Your customers will love these reasonably prices bags.


Visa, MC

Ships from Belleville, IL

Minimum Order: $300

Re-Order: $100


With one week two phones lost and ruined… Tami had been stunned by her daughters with these expense lessons. She decided to make a change and make a difference.

Your sales consultant can guide you in selecting the perfect combination and tell you all about display programs.

Minneapolis Mart

Blue Gallery 149

10301 Bren Road West
Minnetonka, MN 55343

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2022 Show DATES

January 28 – February 1

March 11-15

April 24-26

June 26-28

July 29 – August 2

October 2 -4

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